Patricia Browne

Patricia was born in Nebraska, eldest daughter in a Navy family. Her family lived in five different states before finally settling in Hawaii, where she lived for 18 years. Residing now in Ventura County, Calif, Pat is an accomplished artist with wide ranging interests and talents.

Her artistic interests range from medieval calligraphy and illumination, to costuming, to watercolors, to oils and finishing somewhere in garden design and gardening.

She is an excellent costume designer and seamstress and has been recognized in the SCA for both her Calligraphy/Illumination and her costuming skills. She has completed a number of Medieval style manuscripts -- doing both the calligraphy and the illumination, and the Spanish Enfanta gown shown in the Portrait section was designed, sewn and worn by her.

She has a great interest in architecture and building design, that is the reason why architectural details are so often seen in her work.

She is currently working in a number of areas represented by this site, Wall and Ceiling Murals for businesses and houses, mosaic tiling as well as her most current venture into watercolor.

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